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Health tips, wellness, bodybuilding, and everything. News and articles about the world of strength sports.

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A brief summary of us!

We are passionate about bodybuilding and other strength sports and promoting the development of the individual, not only physically, but in all aspects of life. We also understand the need and importance of nutrition and health care to achieve our goals and continue to practice our favorite sports and activities consistently and effectively.

Our objective

Our objective with this blog is to bring the best tips on health, nutrition, wellness and etc. Also and bring articles and news about the world Fitness and strength sports. Body Building, Power Lifting, among other things.

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In addition, as avid for knowledge, we will seek to explain the most important aspects and attributes of foods and supplements. Indispensable elements and strong allies in our daily development struggle.

We will also explain the mechanics of the exercises, suggesting what and how to do it. Or, what not to do, both for inefficiency, as to avoid possible injuries, the nightmare of any practitioner of physical activities and sportsman.

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