Thor Björnsson The Mountain of Game of Thrones: Everything you want to know!

Thor Bjornsson atuando no Game of Thrones - O Montanha. Segurando uma espada gigante.
Thor Bjornsson acting in the famous series Game of Thrones, in the role of Gregor Glegane “The Mountain”. And with a big sword in his hand.

Thor Björnson is a true living legend!

Nationality: Iceland.
Height: 2,05m
Weight: 200Kg
Age: 32 years old.
Occupation: Strongman, Actor, Former Basketball Player.

The strongmen Thor, the mountain, is a true living legend!

Hafþór Thor Júlíus Björnsson is the Icelandic strongman who worked as an actor in the series Game of Thrones (GOT) and played the character Gregor Clegane ‘The Mountain’, or ‘The Mountain’. Series that helped name Netflix and other similar platforms.

He claimed to be an incredible 2.05m tall and in 2019 weighed an impressive 200kg approximately.

Bjornsson, he was a basketball player in his youth. But a tragic knee injury put him off the court at the age of 20.

Hafþór Bjornsson set an ancient 1000-year record in the World’s Strongest Viking competition, in Norway. He carried an unbelievable 10-meter-long, 650-kilogram trunk for five steps to break the record held by Orm Storolfsson. This was certainly a fantastic achievement and mark the history of high-performance sports.

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The trophy collection of this Nordic giant is equally large:

Bjornsson won the 2018 World’s Strongest Man. (Beside others giant athletes)

Thor Hafthor Július Bjornsson recebendo o trófeu de campeão no World's Strongest Man de 2018.
Thor Hafthor Július Bjornsson receiving the trófeu of champion at the 2018 World’s Strongest Man. On the left side of the image is Mateusz Kieliszkowski, who took second place in the same competition. And on the right side of the photo is the multi-champion and famous strongman, Brian Shaw, who took third place.
Thor Bjornsson levantando barra de peso durante a competição de Strongman, Uma das suas melhores provas em busca do título de campeão no WSM 2018.
Thor Bjornsson lifting weight bar during strongman’s competition, one of his best races in search of the title of champion at WSM 2018.

O Thor é Bicampeão do Arnold Strongman Classic, em 2018 e 2019.

Thor Hafthor Július Bjornsson executa prova de Deadlift e quebra recorde no Arnold's Strongman Classic, no ano de 2018. Ele levantou impressionantes 1000lbs (450kg aprox.). Uma marca que poucos podem igualar.
Thor Hafthor Július Bjornsson performs deadlift and breaks record at Arnold’s Strongman Classic in 2019. The Nordic raised an impressive 1000lbs (450kg approx.). A mark that few can match or surpass. But that every professional strongman aspires to achieve.
O atleta strongman Thor Bjornsson no palco junto ao Arnold Schwarzenegger - Recebendo premiação e comemorando a vitória - Arnold's Strongman Classic 2019.
Strongman Thor Bjornsson on stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger – Receiving awards and celebrating victory – Arnold’s Strongman Classic 2019.

Thor is a Five-Time Champion of Europe’s Strongest Man, winning all competitions between 2014 and 2019, with the exception of 2016, where he still took second place.

Hafthor Thor Július Bjornsson segurando e puxando dois pilares 'greco-romanas" grandes (ou colunas) de pedra (provavelmente). Em uma das muitas provas em que participou do Europe's Strongest Men.
Hafthor Thor Július Bjornsson holding and pulling two large ‘Greco-Roman’ pillars (or columns) of stone (probably). In one of the many events, he participated in Europe’s Strongest Men. A scene that reminds us or makes us think of the challenges made by the mythological demigods of Ancient Greece, like Hercules. Surely this Nordic giant would leave its Viking ancestors with pride.
Nesta imagem vemos o Thor Bjornsson levantando uma barra elefante durante uma prova do Europe's Strongest Man.
In this image we see Thor Bjornsson lifting an elephant bar during a test of Europe’s Strongest Man. A kind of Proof of Deadlift somewhat like “Exotic” to the eye, but that is typical, or quite common, in strongman and powerlifting competitions.

It is no coincidence that Thor Bjornsson has won the European’s Strongest Man title almost five times in a row.

He is also the World’s Ultimate Strongman champion in the 2018 edition.

Thor Bjornsson erguendo halter unilateral durante a competição do World's Ultimate Strongman.
Thor Bjornsson erecting one-sided halter during the World’s Ultimate Strongman competition. We can say that this category is like an extreme version of strongman competitions, where just the best of the bests are selected and compete for the first place trophy.
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An iconic photo posted by Thor Bjornsson on his Instagram account, in one of the world’s ultimate strongman 2018 events, of which he was the winner of the first place and the champion trophy.

With Thor Bjornsson’s vast list of victories, it’s no exaggeration to call him the strongest man in today’s world!!!

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